Hmmm. Thinking about 2012. Need some Paramore here ;)

—-> RT @paramoreHK: It’s okay not to be okay. As stupid and hard as that seems, it’s totally okay to be not okay.

Wohoo reached 1,100 followers! Thanks! And don’t forget to follow @ParamoreFB :)

RT @ParamoreFB: ❒ Old Paramore ❒ New Paramore ✔ Paramore

#ReplaceParamoreSongsWithSoon In The Soon

Good night tweeterzzz

RT @paramoreHK: THE BEST live performance of ‘Let the Flames Begin’ by Paramore I’ve found by FAR. I’m at tears. So …

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RT @HayleyWfansite: ▌▌▌ Parafamily never ends.

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